Tuesday, August 21, 2007

We've been adopted

Must be a sign of acclimation: finding yourself stunned when the creature that emerges from your bushes is not a deer, fox, owl, coyote, turkey, turtle, snake, raccoon or rabbit, but an ordinary kitty cat. Our neighbors are all dog people and I don't think I've seen a cat since we moved to Missouri. I was surprised at how surprised I was to see one wander up--as surprised as spotting a buck crossing Shepherd Ave. in Houston.

Our agreement with the girls was this: no pets for the first year, then we'll think about it. Minature donkeys, sheep, fish, birds, dogs and guinea pigs have all been mentioned as candidates. The only animals not under consideration were cats as I'm extremely allergic to them. Although my kids might prefer to trade me in for one that is not currently an option. So, here we are, waaaay over one year later and no pet in sight. The excuse of summer travel has expired. And then here comes kitty, right to our door. She ran away when she saw me, then paused and reconsidered. I slowly coaxed her back and up the stairs of the deck to where I stood. She was very thin so I told her to wait while I ran in the house and rummaged for something to feed her, some Clifford cereal which she devoured despite it's affiliation with a big, red dog. She then inhaled the tuna I remembered in the pantry which may be the reason she's remained here ever since. Here's the cool thing: she's one of those cats that are like dogs--affectionate as a puppy. A catdog. She likes people. She's an outdoor cat so if I wash my hands after I pet her, no harm done. She's perfect for us. Where did she come from? I suspect someone got really tired of waiting for mom and dad to deliver and decided to go over our heads. I certainly hope it's not the last time.


Jenni said...

What a beautiful cat!

What did you name her?

Johnny! said...

If you decide to let her inside, there's a product called Simple Solution that will eliminate all your problems with her dander. You just wipe her down with it every few days. My old vet's husband was allergic to cats, and they had three.

no one important said...

y'know, im sure i was there . . . . . . . . . too

allison said...

Her name is Libbles. Rhymes with Kibbles. The day after this post she proudly deposited a gift for us at the back door--a baby rabbit, and was mightily offended when Wayne later tossed the rabbit carcass into the woods.

Actually, no one, you were soundly asleep at the time.

allison said...

I'm skeptical but willing to try! We tried lots of things a few years ago when we had to give up our two cats due to the allergies and asthma I developed.