Friday, August 31, 2007

More of a saint than we knew

Click the headline above to read the Time article about what might be Mother Teresa's greatest act of devotion: the unwavering offering of her life, love and service to the work of God long decades after any sense of His love or presence graced her life. As if her work was not already demanding enough, God took away the perks. Despite the deep anguish of her loss she remained faithful to the end, to her calling and to the One who called, and countless people have been blessed by her life. Are still being blessed. What a counterweight to so much that parades as faith in American "bless me" spirituality. Well done, Saint of the Gutters, well done.


Jenni said...

She is one of my true heroines.

Anonymous said...

this is the most important part:

(The "dark night" of the 18th century mystic St. Paul of the Cross lasted 45 years; he ultimately recovered.)

perseverence of the saints is key. without it no one can see God.

Anonymous said...

...suffering silently is something that only the strong can do. Jesus did it. i think it is amazing that she never abandoned, publicly, the church or her God. she confided in other believers and not in someone who would tell her that she'd done enough and deserved a break - what has God done for you lately, sister???

a true saint.

allison said...

A saint squared.