Saturday, March 08, 2008

New Mama

Last night we had a surprise. Only hours after learning our cat's sister who lives down the street had been confirmed pregnant by the vet (as opposed to having a bad case of worms) and therefore surmised our thick around the middle feline probably was too, she dropped two kittens. I now understand the "ow" of "meow" as that was our signal another kitty was about to appear. Libbles had two within an hour. She delivered the placenta and cleaned them up as we got used to the idea our cat ownership had just tripled. Then, today at noon, 12 hrs. after the first kitten emerged, another series of loud, sharp meOWS and another one popped out. Hayley named it "Aftershock."
Anyone want a kitten?


Anonymous said...

How now, loud meow? Congrats (and no thank you)!

Missed at the after party on Thursday-- great group. Hope you had a nice date and enjoyed today's sun.


jenni said...

We've got our hands full, but these kittens are so cute. It's probably good that I live here and not there. I might be in trouble.

allison said...

e and jenni,

Oh, I insist. But Jenni, your front doorstep is too far away. e, however...