Friday, January 26, 2007

Today I saw my shadow

and heard a morning chorus of "plunk plunk plunk" echo around the shimmering hills. The heavy gray banished, for a day, by sunlit snowmelt. Never mind tomorrow the temperature will again plummet and snow flurries are expected. Today rivulets of clear water washed the world behind its pink ears. My tires touched dirt in the treads worn into ice I've skidded over for weeks. The winter's savage beauty finally exhausts. It's not finished with us but today, a small reprieve. In the unbearable blue of the sky a promise: eventually spring will come.


Amy C. Moreno said...

Really beautiful. Loved the water gushing from the drainpipe..and the splashing in the puddle...the light you caught.

Jenni said...

You really are a talented photographer!

Karen Miedrich-Luo said...

The shadow, bent and wary, and the drainpipe. These too were my favorites. Who needs Spring? I'm loving this world on ice. It's thawing our creative juices!