Wednesday, January 31, 2007


For those of you who love music, and love sharing new finds, I've added a widget for Pandora (see lower right). I haven't updated my "radio station" in months and am not sure what's in there. But set up a station for yourself and give it a whirl. It's somewhat similar to Shelfari in that you can share your station with friends except Pandora provides the library. You don't have to own the songs. The more you educate it by voting the songs you're offered up or down, the more accurately it offers you music to your taste. It's free and you can listen to new music all day long.

What are you guys listening to lately?


Anonymous said...

i listen to norah jones (not her new album, dont have it yet) when i work on my novel. its like magic. i hear that album and am transported to the out island off the west coast of florida where my novel is set - i can feel the heat and smell the salt of the mangroves.

otherwise, to calm me i listen to the "singers and standards" channel on my digital tv radio.

i'll have to check out this thing you suggest - i am unfamiliar with it.

karen Miedrich-Luo said...

This is so random! Just yesterday I wanted to email you and ask what you were listening to. I needed a recommendation!

Jenni said...

Cool! Is this another time suck? I found out today I will be receiving the forthcoming Patty Griffin CD for FREE to review!

And by the way, you've been tagged! See my blog entry "Tag!" for more details.

Tim of Suburbia said...

If you like Pandora you might find this site useful...

... dedicated to sharing of Pandora stations.