Sunday, August 27, 2006


In today's Ovation section of the Columbia Tribune Sunday paper is a feature on Wayne. Not every fact is correct but the gist of what Marcia Vanderlip wrote about Wayne and his work really captures his intent. Needless to say I am very proud of him and after only being here for two and a half months I feel we've been given quite a generous welcome. I'll be posting more on Wayne and his work in the near future as he prepares for an upcoming show here in Columbia. After that's behind him we'll begin a collaboration, our first, as we conceive and execute Station Six, "Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus," for a Lenten installation at Xnihilo Gallery in Houston. We'll be combining my writing with Wayne's art and I'll be excited to see what working together will produce.


Maleah said...

Performance art, showing daily... Titled Samantha and Hayley. Act I and Act II, respectively. Sunup to Sundown. Visuals stunning and feats ever changing. The installments are "must-sees." I believe it was the first collaboration by Wayne and Allison. Art indeed.

terrence said...

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Karen Miedrich-Luo said...


Jenni said...

I look forward to the Lenten installation at Xnihilo! I'm sure the two of you will produce brilliancy.

Peter Smythe said...

Congratulations to Wayne. It's nice to see that he has decided to do something more meaningful in his life other than to fix my webpage edits.