Saturday, August 12, 2006

Home Again

The best thing about going away is coming back home. Wayne bravely held down the fort so I could go away and even grew rather ambitious in that he reportedly attempted to boil water and make toast while I was gone. I arrived back in Rocheport at 1 am after an 11 hr. (yes, another inevitable delay at DFW) trek from Santa Fe. My girls tried to stay awake to greet me, camping out in sleeping bags on the couch in the living room. When I finally rolled down the gravel drive and onto the parking pad after the last 2 hr. leg from Kansas City, Samantha and Wayne ran out to welcome me. Hayley was unrousable. After a joyful reunion on the driveway under the dusty stars (we badly need rain), I came inside to find this banner of love draped across the windows and flowers all over the house.
Thank you, Wayne, for your generous love and support. And for not burning down the house;) You're coming with me next year.

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me said...

so sweet my love, any any any time. behold; you are incredible, amazing, stunning, a magical mystery of miracled mastery. happy for you and proud of you i am. eternally. grow and flow and go and know and feel and be in all that there is and know that each step through the doors you open, i am with you and for you, all the way.

your absence was just another reminder of how we cherish the completness you bring to our HOME