Thursday, November 05, 2009

That's my bro

Not the photo, the photographer. Nice work, Peter. The mayor of Ft. Worth thinks so, too:
Thank you, Peter, for reaching out to us and sharing your amazing photographs of our neighbors in need. Simply put, your images have helped to change hearts and minds. Take pride in knowing that your art has helped to make a difference. Much remains to be done, but we are clearly on the right track. God bless you, and God bless this impor­tant work.
~A note from Fort Worth mayor, Mike Moncrief
To see more of his street portraits click here.


Chris said...

Remarkable! Having a good eye must run in the family.

Karen Miedrich-Luo said...

Stunning photography! I wanted to leave him a message, but he closed comments on the post. Peter has a gift in capturing the humanity and beauty of each individual soul. Not a trace of condescension or irony. Thank you for that window.