Thursday, May 21, 2009

Our Big Surf Shoot

Despite the fact that my most repeated utterance regarding TV is "Turn that thing off!" I can't help but be proud that my two daughters are starring in the new Big Surf Waterpark TV and radio campaign, due to begin airing June 1. At least it's for a worthy cause. Last year my older daughter chose to celebrate her birthday there and I, thinking of no less than 10,000 other things I'd rather do, sucked it up in honor of her first decade and ended up pleasantly surprised by how much fun I had there. We brought our friends who were in from Texas and I think they, too, have quite fond memories of the day.

View some outtakes posted by Alex George, the alter ego of Gill the Shark, on the
Big Surf blog:


harold said...

and, we got FREE pizza!

Anonymous said...

free pizza and instant stardom, you just can't beat that!

jenni said...

Cute little celebrities. :)