Sunday, September 07, 2008

It was a Joyride

I came across this on my friend Frank Hart's facebook page. I hadn't seen it in years. Atomic Opera recorded "Joyride" on their debut album entitled "For Madmen Only" in the early 90's and I had a teeny part in the music video. Can you figure out which character I am (a no-brainer for those who've known me awhile)? Those were days of smoky clubs, ringing eardrums and 3 am breakfasts at Denny's. Road trips, guest lists and wild hopes. And devoted friendship, despite the years, the mileage and the sometimes radical realignment of our various universes. Here's to the endurance of sand castles. Now I'm all verklempt.


Anonymous said...

the shimmering momentary mmmm chipppy erotica angst facialsx 2 or 3 and also poss nun lady? hmm, nun lady, nah!

Anonymous said...

or(r) maybe the dolphin, in, the muddd-uh-le(z) like a man whistling a song when his butter fell awf....
no, not that/the other guy(S), / mo(i) recent hobb-eez

harold said...

anonymous 1 unt twooh, i w.a.s.h. thar wahz a way to add images twoo carmentz here and there. cool vid A. my guess is the none LADY


cletus said...

i'll guess nun too! and i've never seen that video before. fun stuff!

Bruce Anderson said...

Hm. Funny coincidence here. I was just listening to this CD tonight and was going through iTunes and correcting the composer credits to reflect the booklet, and I saw Smythe all over the place in there. So I decided to search for Allison Smythe to find out if that was your name in the writing credits, or if it was another Smythe. And then I find your blog, first hit, and what's the most recent post? Heh.

So, that you? :)

allison said...


You have made my day! I love coincidences. I collect them. I write about them. I wouldn't be here without them.

That is very noble of you, correcting iTunes errors. Who knew they made mistakes?

Are you a longtime AO fan?

And, yes, that is me. Now you AND my mother know.

allison said...

H in red: Nun such

Bruce Anderson said...

Allison, I'm pretty obsessive about my iTunes library. Right now I'm tracking down the composers of the songs Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs covered for their "Under the Covers" album. They did Dylan and Neil Young and the Who and two bands I'd never heard of, Marmalade and The Left Banke. I like my ducks in a row. :)

Re: AO. It's going on twenty years now that a friend first played King's X's second album. I was in love. The sound, the texture, the depth of both the music and the lyrics (not to mention those insane harmonies!) all of it hooked me.

Then a few years later a different friend (also a King's X fan) played me Joyride. WOW. Here was everything I liked about King's X, but it wasn't King's X. They did their work and let Taylor do his, and the results were stellar.

Since then I pull out For Madmen every now and again and let it wash over me. It's an invigorating album.

So if you ever see Hart & co. tell them from me (not that they know me) that I love their work. And yours, apparently. :)

jenni said...

Wow! I've never seen this before.

harold said...

the still, yoohuube, looks like the shroud of tur-in-colour, yes?

allison said...

I'm still waiting to hear back from Frank post-Ike.

we all look just a tad younger, no?

yes! except it's about to sneeze.

Frank said...

I miss you Allison. You rock.