Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sushi in the sky with diamonds

What a great day. My younger daughter woke me this morning with a cup of coffee and I wandered out to the living room to cries of "Happy Birthday" and just enough time to open a couple of the gifts my girls had wrapped (I got my very own Ugli doll) before they had to run to catch the bus. Tickets to Coldplay from Wayne. Greetings from friends, new, old and long lost, streamed in through the day.

After work, I spoke to my grandad who shares my birthday, or should I say, whose 103 birthdays I've enjoyed a large share of, as he stood on a beach in Florida in view of the Gulf which has been a fair companion to him in his later years but comes nowhere close to displacing the great love and loss of his life: the Atlantic. I think it must be from him that I've inherited my incessant wanderlust, the same tides that course his veins run through mine, tugging us toward distant and empty horizons, wet and dry. Happy Birthday, Grandad. You're a wonder.

And after that, more gifts, dinner at a Japanese restaurant, birthday cake with a dear friend, a movie with my favorite guy. He bought me a clown. How wonderful is that.


jenni said...

Wow! What a fun, very-you day. Coldplay, even. Happy birthday again!

Anonymous said...

Well, does it count that I worked on a project for you most of the morning? Or that I thought of your birthday every day this past week wondering when I'd send out the card? (obviously not on time - but that's my inheritance from my parents). So cheers to eight year old cupbearers, favorite guys, and clowns. And I will refrain from singing "send in the clowns" although now I'll probably go to bed with that refrain in my head. darn.