Sunday, July 13, 2008

"Nothing Occurs Here That Is Worthy of Remark"

In less than two weeks I'll be making my annual trek to The Glen Workshop in Santa Fe where, instead of taking my usual writing workshop, I'll be taking a drawing workshop with Barry Moser, hoping for some creative cross pollination. I've met some great folks in workshops over the last two summers, including poet Ned Balbo, whose work you can read online in the current issue of Unsplendid, including the poem "Nothing Occurs Here That Is Worthy of Remark" which is paired with the painting shown above. Ned shared work from this series of ekphrastics (poems that respond to works of art) last summer and I am pleased to see the fine job the journal did in featuring his Marco Polo series of poems generated from the enigmatic art of Nora Sturges. (I also highly recommend Ned's book Lives of the Sleepers, winner of the Ernest Sandeen Prize in Poetry.)


Anonymous said...


i haddant evun scene thisss, then eye-dod-wun

nothing is huge, mightily invisibly largely small.
and thing . . . . . . . s


jenni said...

I love learning new words such as ekphrastics.

Barry Moser! He is one of my favorites. We have his illustrated Bible on our hallway antique lectern.

I know you do not believe me, but I do intend to go to the Glen one year soon. You might need to drive down to Tejas and remind me, though. Make me hop in the car.