Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Things that go bust in my head

I have a massive technology headache. From my laptop to my dryer, I've been consigned to the third rung of technology hell. That's the rung where you race in infinite circles and get nowhere, one rung above emptying the ocean with a bucket. A leaky bucket. The loaner dryer (the only stackable set we can order here that fits our space is not in the country) that was finally delivered today does not work. Nor does the clothesline that broke from the outside wall last night. But who needs a clothesline when it rains EVERY day? If there was a smidgeon of room left in my head beyond completing urgent tasks which, now that I think of it, rival that ocean emptying manuever, something might go bump in there. As it is, a nickel couldn't drop.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So go drop a few nickels in the local yokel laundromat and sit and watch while you wait. just imagine the wealth of characters and imagery to be found there. Maybe even an angel or two. Raw moments, raw nerves, wet socks.....