Saturday, January 26, 2008

For those headed to AWP

Stop by the Packingtown Review table at the AWP Bookfair in NYC (January 30 – February 2). They are assigned table # 513 in “Americas Hall II” at the Hilton, which you can access from the third floor. The inaugural issue is due out in November and since they do not yet have a journal to distribute they are going to display my poem, "Memory of Water" at their table as well as hand out copies of it. So if you are going to AWP, please go by and pick up a copy (and tell the editors, Tasha Fouts & Snezana Zabic, hello for me!)


harold of cardboard . . . said...

will there be door prizes and give aways?

harold of cardboard . . . said...

great job! serious, cant wait to see the residual results and christmax trees

mijie said...

Wonderful!... I can only imagine the editors that will read that poem.

Typical male obsession. Harold of Cardboard of Harold of Plastic?

paul maurice martin said...

Wish I could go -

allison said...

Harold, they are GIVING AWAY my poem. Perhaps because of its title they'll give you a water bottle as well.

Mijie, yes, I imagine a movie deal out of it. Starring, um...Harold.

Paul, That makes two of us. But thanks for stopping by here!

rock hudson said...


come out inta thar opens and put em up ;~)

parky parg