Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Rhythm of the Seasons

Into our second year here, we are beginning to recognize the telltale signs of each season. Now, as the long light of summer wanes and crisp infusions of autumn air play tag with straggling dog days of September, the sky is a highway crowded with guests heading south from their summer vacations. Canadian geese honk as they fly over, as we might as we speed past someone we recognize on the country lanes. The hummingbirds that have been plentiful on the deck and unafraid to pose for the camera, not even bothering to put their tongues away, are thinning out. Last night a brilliant full moon cast blue shadows over the hills. The air is bountiful with celebration. Any and every thing becomes an excuse here for a festival: music, chili, twilight, pumpkins, wine, art. So we hop from fest to fest, under achingly blue skies, sampling the local foods and crafts. Merging into the rhythm of the seasons and into the generous heritage of our neighbors.

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Jenni said...

There is no way I could capture a hummingbird on film if I tried.