Monday, May 21, 2007

Another Houston Cool Item

I met my good friend Deeanne Gist just before her first book, A Bride Most Begrudging, was published and went on to become a bestseller and to win the Christy Award for Best Romance 2006 (the Christian equivalent of the Academy Awards). She was finishing book two at the time, The Measure of a Lady, which has just been nominated for both The Christy Award Best Romance 2007 and the RITA (Romance Writers of America) Best Inspirational 2007. Deeanne joined our writers group at Taft as she was beginning book three, Courting Trouble (as if this woman needed help!) I had the great delight of witnessing a master story teller weave her spell. Plot, characters and dialogue seemed to spill effortlessly from Deeanne's keyboard week after week until she held a(nother) finished manuscript in her hands. I am thrilled for Deeanne and imagine Courting Trouble and its spunky and irresistable heroine Essie will bring even greater accolades to a very deserving author. Thanks for the ride Deeanne!

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Deeanne said...

What Allison isn't telling y'all is that she critiqued my chapters every week from September through June last year and gave me invaluable feedback. Her suggestions and insight helped shape this novel and I am forever grateful. So ... thank *you* Allison. You taught me a lot.