Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Palm Sunday Benediction (after the fact)

So I was prompted to actually utilize this free cyber journal I've had parked here for two years by my friend and blogger extraordinare, Mark Bertrand, who suggested I start a blog so I could post the benediction I wrote and delivered at ecclesia for Palm Sunday. Here goes, my first post:

The God who breathed life into you,
not once, but twice,
and breathes on you still,
morning by morning,
opening your ears to the whispers
of Heaven’s logic,
has called you to be His own
and chosen you to belong to each other
in this hour, in this day, and in this city,
to walk together as a living text
of His love for each of us and for our broken world,
to resist the undertow of self interest
in order to love and serve each other
in direct contradiction to every impulse
of our fallen humanity
and to display with one heart and one mind
the beauty and fullness of Christ
in the unfaltering love of our God.
Go in peace.

I guess that wasn't so hard.

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